Welcome to Your Interactive Support Guide πŸ€“

This guide is split into 5 steps to help you set up your retail shop easily and quickly! We recommend setting up your shop with this guide next to you. This is fully responsive, so feel free to use your phone or tablet as an extra screen.

The "i" icon on the menu bar takes you directly to all the steps. Feel free to skip steps and find everything you need there!The home icon on the menu bar takes you back to your support page.If you are following this guide step by step, you can use the left, up, and right arrows to help you easily navigate through.

How to Login to Your Dashboard πŸ”‘

1. Login to your own dashboard by going to admin.wearelocals.co.uk with your username & password.

2. Once logged in, you will see your default dashboard.

Understanding Your Dashboard Controls πŸ€“

You can find these dashboard controls on the left hand side of your screen.

Retail This opens down a drop-down list for access to My Orders, Delivery Planner, and Planned Deliveries.

My Orders If you offer collection & delivery service, you’ll find all your orders here in real-time.

Delivery Planner This is where you plan your delivery routes. It shows you a map with pinpoints of orders that are in ready status.

Planned Deliveries This shows you all of your planned deliveries for the day.

Product This opens down a drop-down list for access to My Product List and Product Categories.

My Product List This shows you all your products. Here you can add, delete, bulk edit, or duplicate products.

Product Categories Here you can add / delete your categories, time automate your categories and set your landing categories.

Vouchers You can create discount codes for your customers here.

Advertising Here you can find your shop's URL, generate your QR code, or find the HTML code to embed your shop into your website.

Reports Here you can export sales reports of your chosen date.

Settings You will find all your dashboard settings here.

Help This will bring you to the support library.

TIP You can hide the dashboard menu by pressing onto the arrow button to make your screen much bigger to work with! Also, once you activate your services, you will see quick access toggles on the right-hand side!

Understanding Your Settings Tabs πŸ€”

You can find the settings tab on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

General This is your 'about' section where you can manage your business category & type, description, address, welcome message, shop background image and logo.

Contact This is where you can manage your customer contact details like email, phone number, website and social media links.

Business Hours This is where you can let your customers know about your opening hours.

Orders This is where you can add a custom order fee to all your services, a placeholder text to your checkout note box for your customers.

Retail This is where you setup your COLLECTION and DELIVERY services.

Hospitality This is where you setup your in-house TABLE SERVICE, TAKEAWAY and DELIVERY services.

Legal This is where you put in your T&Cs, if you have any.

Payments This is a very important section where you will be setting up your Stripe account with us. Stripe charges 2% plus 22p with a setup time of 10 mins.

Notifications This is where you setup your email notifications for when your order comes through! As this is a real-time web app, when you have your browser open, on top of email notifications, you will also hear a loud DING as well whenever orders come in.

Complete Your General Settings ✍️

Go to Settings > General - This is your β€˜About Us’ section where it will be displayed in your shop front. Update this as much as you can.

1. Complete section General Information.

2. Update Welcome Message. This displays on the shop front which is the first thing the customers see. So, put in some information about your business here and make it fun by using emojis. You can also add a few tips and instructions here.

3. Update Business Description. This displays when you click β€˜About’ on your shop, so this is where you can put in more in-depth information and the story behind your business here. If you don't have time, you can put in the same information as your welcome message.

4. Remember to click Update General Settings to save.

TIP This toggle is a GO LIVE toggle. So, only switch this on when you are ready to start trading.

Complete Your Contact Settings ✍️

Go to Settings > Contact - Let your customers know your contact details & your social media information here. Update this as much as you can!

1. Update business email, phone number, business website, facebook link, instagram link and twitter link.

2. Remember to click Update Contact Settings to save.

Complete Your Business Hours Settings ✍️

Go to Settings > Business Hours - Let you customers know when your opening hours are!

1. Update your opening hours from Sunday - Saturday accordingly. Click on the arrows and choose your desired times!

2. Remember to click Update Business Hours to save.

Setting Up Stripe Payment Option πŸ’° 2% + 22p

Stripe takes 2% + 22p per transaction and takes less than 10 mins to set up.

1. Click here to log into Stripe or create a new Stripe account. If you are creating a new account, please make sure you fill in all your business details and complete your email verification.

2. Once logged in, click Settings > scroll down to Business Settings. Under Team and Security > click Team.

3. On the Team page, click + New Member.

4. Add phil@wearelocals.co.uk and choose β€œDeveloper”.

5. Within a few hours, your account will be updated with a green active status.

With popular e-commerce building platforms like SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify... make sure you look carefully to see if their transaction costs include their payment provider costs. Most of the time, it does not. It means you could end up paying 3% on sales transactions, a further X% from their payment providers, and monthly subscription fees too!

Setting Up Unyfi Payment Option πŸ’Έ 1.2% + 12p

(Hospitality businesses only)

Unyfi is our payment provider for all hospitality businesses. They only take 1.2% + 12p - which is one of the lowest transaction cost in the UK! It takes around 5-7 days to complete the whole process, however, we assure you it will be worth it!

1. Click here to complete your UNYFI application form.

2. Create your online transaction account here.

3. After verification checks are complete (this takes between 3-5 days) with the merchant bank, you will receive an eDoc to sign through email.

4. Once eDoc has been signed, it will take around 1-2 days for your UNYFI account to sync with your current dashboard and you’ll be ready to trade!

With popular e-commerce building platforms like SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify... make sure you look carefully to see if their transaction costs include their payment provider costs. Most of the time, it does not. It means you could end up paying 3% on sales transactions, a further X% from their payment providers, and monthly subscription fees too!

Setting Up Order Notifications πŸ“£

Go to Settings > Notifications - This is where you set your notifications. When you receive an order, an email will be automatically sent to you! P.S. Our web app works in real-time - so if you leave your browser open opening hours, on a laptop / tablet, you will also receive a loud β€˜PING’ and browser notification, so you won’t miss it!

1. Tick the box to enable notifications of new orders and enter the email address you’d like to receive the notifications to. You can add more than 1 email!

2. Remember to click Update Notification Settings to save.

Adding Fees & Tips πŸ’΅

Go to Settings > Orders - This is optional and applies if you want to charge any extra fees like the packaging...etc. Just so you are aware, this fee will apply to all of your services.

In this section, you can also add a note for your customers to help them during checkout.

1. Fill in Customer Checkout Order Notes with some useful instructions for your customers.

2. Tick the box Add Custom Fee. Fill in your price and name. (Optional)

Go to Settings > Orders - Like extra fees, adding tips for your orders is also optional. Just so you are aware, this tip will apply to all of your products and/or services.

3. Tick Add Tipping Option to offer your customers an optional tip of any amount.

4. Leave Add Tipping Option unticked if you would prefer to not receive tips.

Adding optional tips

5. If you ticked Add Tipping Option to receive tips, your customers will be able to leave a tip before they pay during checkout.

Adding optional tips

6. Remember to click Update Orders Settings to save.

Activating Your Collection Service πŸ“¦

Please note: Collection service is different from Takeaway service. Collection service is for businesses that offer groceries / product / retail-type collection. Takeaway service is for businesses that offer hot meal takeaways, so make sure you choose the right offerings!

Go to Settings > Retail > Collection - This is where you set up your collection / click & collect service. This enables your customers to come to your venue and collect from you at a scheduled time!

1. Tick the box Accepting Orders For Collection.

2. Complete section Minimum Spend for Customers - set a minimum spend for all your customers here. You can set it to 0 if you wish to not have one.

3. Complete section Pre-order Settings.

Our default pre-order settings are set to 7 days as a minimum. If you do not wish to let your customers pre-order and prefer a day-to-day collection service, you can take control easily by using your collection toggle in the top right hand corner to activate and de-activate your service instantly.

4. Complete section Collection Opening Hours.

Choose your desired time slots and days of the week that you offer collection.

5. Complete section Checkout Messages for Customers.

Before Checkout Message - this is the first thing your customers see during checkout before they pay. This is a great place to ask customers to respond in notes for any special requests or give them some simple instructions.

After Purchase Message - Add a thank you message to thank your customers.

Make it fun by using emojis!

6. Remember to click Update Retail Settings to save.

Activating Your Delivery Service 🚚

Go to Settings > Retail > Delivery - this is where you set up your delivery service! This enables you to deliver your products right to your customer's doorstep.

1. Tick the box Accepting Orders For Delivery.

2. Complete section Delivery Fee & Minimum Spendings - set your delivery fee and minimum spendings for all of your orders.

3. Complete section Pre-order Settings - if your customers do not need a select a delivery date during checkout, set it as 0 days. Please note that you can also easily take control by using your delivery toggle to activate and de-activate your service instantly.

4. Complete section Delivery Days Settings - choose your desired days of the week that you offer delivery service.

5. Complete section Delivery Areas - choose your delivery areas and set your postcodes-based delivery fees.

If you deliver nationwide, then click Accept All Postcodes, if not, click onto Postcodes and it will open up a pop-up postcode selector for you to choose your desired postcodes that you deliver to!

6. You can also set multiple postcode-based delivery fees by ticking Enable Specific Postcode-based Delivery Fees and Add Fee Tier- please note selected postcodes here will override the standard delivery fee that you've set previously. You can also set it to 'Β£0' if you would like to offer free delivery within specific postcodes.

7. Complete section Checkout Messages for Customers.

Before Checkout Message - this is the first thing your customers see during checkout before they pay. This is a great place to ask customers to respond in notes for any special requests or give them some simple instructions.

After Purchase Message - Add a thank you message to thank your customers.

Make it fun by using emojis!

8. Remember to click Update Retail Settings to save.

Adding Your Categories πŸ“–

Go to Products > Product Categories > My Categories - Before adding your products, it’s important to add all your categories and think about how you want to split your shop up!

1. Add as many categories as you like here. You can make it interesting by adding emojis in the front of it the category this --> 🧻 Household

2. Remember to click Add New Category to add.

3. If your categories do not have any products linked to them (0 products), hover over it and you will find a bin icon appears for you to delete it. This way you can manage your categories and clean them up if it gets too messy with unused categories!

Add New Products πŸ˜‡

Go to Products > My Product List - Congrats! You’re finally at the fun part! Here, we will show you how you can add them manually 1 by 1.

Another quicker way to do this is adding your products through our template! You can download it here. Fill the spreadsheet in and email the completed file to support@wearelocals.co.uk. Our support team will upload it into your dashboard within 24 hours. Make sure you include your shop name in your email.

If you don't have time to add your products into your dashboard or spreadsheet, we can do this for you at an extra cost of Β£60.

1. Click Add New Product.

2. Fill in important information like Name, Description, Category (this is where you can find the categories that you've added here), Available Quantity, Description, Allergen (if any applies), Quantity Available (it's easier to manage if you put "999999". If you run out of product, you can simply remove your product temporarily by using the toggle to set it to an inactive state), Base Price and VAT.

Once you've filled in everything, add an image by clicking on Add Image. It helps customers make a decision quicker by adding nice imagery, so it's worth putting some effort into this.

Finally, click "Add New Product" and voila you've added your first product!

If the product needs customer involvement like choosing different sizes, adding colours...etc, then continue reading!

Adding Extra Product Options ✨

1. Press on Add Extra Options and a box will appear.

Fill in fields Instruction, Default Option, and click the green + button to keep adding extra options.

The first default option would be your standard option, which you won't be able to adjust the price on, but the rest, you can add a price modification against it. We would recommend keeping the options nice and short, otherwise your text will overflow in the options box and the customer won't be able to read it.

2. If your product is personalised and requires customers to choose an option before adding it into their basket, then click on This is a required option.

3. Remember to press Add New Product!

TIP Once you start adding products, you can start using the View Shop button on the right hand corner on the top of your dashboard to see your shop populating!

Managing & Updating Your Products πŸ“‹

Updating your product has never been easier! We've got a bulk editing feature that gives you the ultimate power to edit as many products as you like at the same time with different fields!

1. Select the products you'd like to edit and your Bulk Edit button will turn on. Press on it!

2. You'll be able to update as many fields as you like.

3. Once you've filled in all the fields that you'd like to update, click Update and you'll see the magic happen.

Managing Your Categories πŸ€“

Go to Products > Product Categories > Category Settings - this is where you manage and assign your categories to the services that you offer.

1. All products you add will be automatically added across all your services, so if you want to remove a category for a certain service, you will need to come here manually to untick the boxes.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the tickboxes OVERRIDE the time automation settings (scroll down to learn how to activate it). ie If it is unticked, the time automation will NOT work. So make sure the boxes stay ticked, if you'd like for the time automation to work.

Category Time Automation ⏰

1. If you have categories that that you'd like to automatically display at a certain time and day, then you can do this by clicking on the clock icon.

2. Click Add More to choose your day of the week and click on the Clock Icon to add more time slots for when you'd like to display the category.

3. Once you're done, click Save. You should see that the clock has changed to an 'activated' status! Make sure your checkbox is ticked, otherwise it will not work.

Setting Your Landing Categories πŸ“–

Go to Products > My Categories > Landing Categories - After adding all your products in, it's important to set your landing categories!

Choose your desired product category for your customers to land on for each of your services! Please note: If the products from your landing category have sold out or removed, the system will automatically choose another available category.

1. All you need to do is click on the arrow and you should see all your activated categories.

Working with Your Collection & Delivery Orders πŸ™Œ

First things first, make sure you get your shop LIVE so your customers can start shopping on it!

Go to Settings > General and hit the toggle and get your shop LIVE!

DID YOU KNOW Now that your shop is live, whatever you update in your dashboard, it all happens in REAL-TIME! Meaning, whatever you do, you will see immediately!

Managing New Orders

1. Go to > Retail > My Orders - This is where you will see all of your collection and delivery orders.

When orders come in, with your browser open, you will instantly see them in My Orders as NEW!

If you leave your browser open, you will also receive a loud DING sound, a browser notification, AND if you've set your email notifications in Settings > Notifications, you will also see an email come through as well.

Processing & Updating Your Orders

1. It's important to know that there are 6 order statuses New, Processing, Ready, Planned, Returned and Completed and they can be updated easily with multiple orders as shown below.

2. As you work through your orders, it's good practice to update each of your orders by pressing onto each of them, clicking Update and updating their statuses depending on which stage they're in.

3. If you want to keep your customers informed, you can easily confirm and/or reschedule your orders by clicking the button on the top right hand corner of your order.

It will either display a Reschedule Order or Confirm Order button (this button will show the order is not yet confirmed by you).

4. When confirming / rescheduling your order, add a personalised message with it to give it a personal touch.

Once you are done, click Confirm Request and a new confirmation email will be automatically sent to your customer!

IMPORTANT: If you are working with multiple Delivery Orders and would like to use our Delivery Planner, you must go into your orders and update their status to READY.

Once you've done that, you will see those orders in Retail > Delivery Planner tab so you can plan your route. Click here to learn how to do it.

Working with Orders for Delivery 🚚

Go to Retail > Delivery Planner - This is where you will see all your delivery orders on the map in pins.

Please note: They must be in a READY status and on the same day for them to show.

1. Click on the pins you see on the map to select the orders you are planning to deliver.

2. Select your desired mode of transport and click Create Route.

3. Our system will instantly create the fastest route from your shop to deliver all your orders. Click Plan if you're happy with the routes.

Your Planned Deliveries

1. Once you've planned it, you will see the order you've just planned previously in Retail > Planned Deliveries. All you need to do now is hit the Open in Maps when you're ready to deliver your orders and it will open another browser to your routes in Google Maps.

2. You will see a lovely map on your screen with all your order addresses nicely lined up for you.

TIP If you don't want to bring your tablet or laptop with you, you can simply click on Send Directions To Your Phone and voila! You can now use your phone to guide you to all your order addresses easily.

3. Once you've finished with your deliveries, go back to your dashboard, head over to Planned Deliveries and hit Confirm Deliveries!

Adding Discount Vouchers 😎

Go to > Vouchers - This is where you can add discount codes for your customers to use!

1. Click Add New Voucher to add your new discount code.

2. Fill in your desired Code and Discount.

3. Remember to click Add New Voucher to add it!

TIP Once the discount code is saved, it will immediately be active! All you need to do now is promote the code on your social media and/or website and let your customers know about it! You can prompt your customers by saying something like "put in the discount code SALE30 during checkout to get 30% OFF"!

Reporting πŸ“ˆ

Go to > Reports - This is where you can download your daily sales spreadsheets.

All you need to do is select a 'from' and 'to' date and click Download Orders or Download Products.

Advertising & Marketing Your Shop 😍

Go to > Advertising - It is very important to promote your online shop everywhere possible! Whether it's to print it out as a QR code, put it up as a call-to-action button on your website, or to create a LinkTree link for your social media accounts... whatever it is, you need to make sure you cover every avenue possible! Remember, always make everything as easy, as obvious, and as convenient as possible.

1. Make sure you know what your shop link first. You can find this by clicking > Advertising, choose your desired brand, and it will automatically generate your shop link for you to copy.

πŸ˜‰ 6 Marketing Tips for You

1. Promote it in person
One of the most effective marketing methods is word of mouth! It doesn't hurt to remind every customer that you see about your online shop. Let them know where they can support and shop with you!

2. Add buttons to your website
If you have a website, add a clear call-to-action button on your header image like 'shop now' or 'order now' with your shop link. Make it even more obvious by doubling it and adding it onto your menu navigation bar too!

3. Create a LinkTree for your social media
For businesses that use a few different platforms and unsure of how to direct your customers on social media easily, the best way to do it is by simply creating a LinkTree here.

It's very easy to use and puts all your links into 1 place!! See ours for an example here.

Don't worry, the free version is more than enough functionality for you!.

After creating your 'tree', all you need to do is use your unique LinkTree web address (e.g. https://linktr.ee/XXXX) and replacing that link in all of your social media accounts! Simples!

5. Put a QR code everywhere. Design and put up some posters
FYI, you don't need to be a designer to come up with creative posters and marketing assets. You can use design tools like Canva - it's super easy to use and will help you create anything you want with ready-made templates!

You can create a QR code easily by using QR Code Monkey.

Put the QR code onto all of your posters and marketing assets - everyone knows how to scan a QR code and this is the quickest way to guide your customers.

5. Add useful message on your social media accounts bio
On your social media accounts, add a SHOP NOW or ORDER NOW message in your bio! It is also useful to have your shop's web address directly there for customers to click and shop with you easily. You can make it fun by using emojis!

7. Post actively on all your social media accounts
Keep yourself active on social media at least 3-4 times a week. We know it's not easy having to manage 2-3 social media accounts, so we would suggest using helpful scheduling tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite to help manage that!

Here are some posting tips to get as much local engagement and reach as possible:
Make your posts short, sweet and casual always end your post with a call-to-action message at the end of it. Don't worry if you have to repeat it each time - e.g. Look at our shelf today, full of new and exciting arrivals! Want to get your hands on them? We offer collection and delivery service every Monday - Friday! Go to our website or simply click the link in our bio to shop now! You must add a location tag on all your posts - otherwise your posts will only be seen by your own followers.Tag your community brand account on your posts alongside other relevant local/popular accounts - this is quite a useful trick to expand your network. When you tag another accounts, they will be notified instantly and your post will be automatically in their tagged section.Include up to 30 relevant hashtags at the end of your post - this still works, many people like to search for local hashtags, so make sure you find a bunch of them that are relevant to you and put them on your posts each time!If you have a new follower, send them a personalised welcome message and let them know about your online shop too! Customers love a personal touch from businesses!If your customers tag you or comment on your posts, always engage by liking them and responding back - never ignore your customers.

8. Create exciting deals with your own voucher codes
Who doesn't love a discount / deal! Create monthly or themed deals to entice your customers to come back! You can simply create voucher codes here.